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Home » Site News » Talk About Metin2 Ringmaster guide

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As a partisan of Metin2, you can use the slash skill for delivering good damage to your opponent from a good range about 2 player lengths away. While training this skill, you should learn how to run around mobs; therefore it hits the maximum number at once. It is easy to miss with this skill in player Vs player, because it takes a few moments from pressing the button to it going off and attacks a narrow corridor of space.

The Ringmaster is the other second job class for the Assist class. There is a basic Ringmaster guide for you. If you want to learn something from the guide, just look through. Hope the article can help you. This class is known as the support class, and their buffing skills only emphasize that. A Ringmaster usually partners with people much higher level than them and helps them out by buffing and healing them, in exchange for getting a share of their exp, allowing them to level at a much faster rate than other classes. Once killing it, you come back to the drillmaster, and you will have completed the first part. Then, he will tell you to bring 5 for forms to the assist master.

You should have gotten these already while you were trying to get to 15. Once you have given the forms to the assist master, you will be told to go find the high-dwarfed, which are located in the layoff area, just before the grown-up lawless. You cannot remember his name, but have a question mark over his heat, so you will spot him easily. Once you have spoken to him, you are given a label of technique. Do not lose it without it, you cannot complete your job quest. Now then, you are told to defeat a mob called Changer, a scorpion-looking mob located in Madre town, just over the hill by the bridge. You are now an assist! You are stat points which have been reset and have received more skill points.

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