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Home » Site News » Metin2 The Sword Rank of Blader skill

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As a Blader starts, he only has skills with fast cast compared to later skills. This will give them a chance to get used to the speed of their skills during combos. please do not bother getting Fade Step, it is of no real use to us Bladers IMO. You can also try to grind as much as possible on these low exp mobs, you may need to rank up to Apprentice Rank asap. Skills to get at this point :Stab & Slash.Get Double Slash(1). This is your first Starter skill untill later. At this point skill exp will start to slow down to a snailpace. But if you don't pay attention to it and just grind it up on mobs, it shouldn't be a problem. When you hit Apprentice 8, get Triple Slash(2). This will be your real first Filler. Drop Impact Stab for this one.And get the Double Slash skill.

And at this point, a single target 1 hitting skill just will not do for a Blader. Get Blade Force now, it is a very helpful skill till you get Blade Aura. Adds quite a nice smack of attack. When you can, drop Flash Draw, and get Double Rising(1,2). 3 Hits. You get 3 skill slots for reaching this level. Get Dash (and Concentration) now if you didn't earlier. Dash is very usefull when you max it to 9.The skills here are expensive as hell. The only skill maybe you gotten my hands on now is Twin-Moon Slash(1,3). Blader could hit and run. All Bladers lower in Rank just kept chasing you while youDashed and Twin-Mooned them.

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